Traditional Chinese Medicine Dispensing Granules


Traditional Chinese Medicine Dispensing Granules:
Traditional Chinese medicine dispensing granules are prepared by water extraction, concentration, drying and granulation of single Chinese herb pieces. After making out a prescription, the granules are ready for patients to take. Traditional Chinese medicine dispensing granule is a supplement to traditional Chinese herb pieces.

Characteristics and strengths of Chinese medicine dispensing granules:
1. Traditional Chinese medicine dispensing granules satisfy the principles of TCM diagnosis, treatment and medication based on syndrome differentiation, which can be used for clinical prescriptions of TCM;
2. The medicinal materials are subject to resource assessment and require complete traceability. The Chinese herb pieces processed according to regulations, and are used as raw materials, control product quality from the source;
3. It is basically consistent with the material base of the decoction, and more time-saving, suitable for carrying and storage;
4. Using advanced technology and quality control technology for extraction, concentration, drying, granulation into granules to provide controllable quality and safe medication.

Technical difficulties of dispensing granules:
1. For the research of standard decoction, it is required to collect multiple batches of medicinal materials from the origin area or the main production area, which can be traced completely. Because of the wide distribution of medicinal materials, it is very important to collect representative medicinal materials for the research results of standard decoction and the standard of dispensing granules;
2. The medicinal materials are uniformly used to prepare qualified Chinese medicine decoction pieces. Due to the inconsistency between the processing standards of each province and the national processing standards at present, the processing technology of decoction pieces used for formula granules should be standardized and processed by themselves according to the unified standards, and detailed processing technology research should be carried out for each product;
3. It is difficult to identify the authenticity and quality of traditional Chinese medicine granule. It is necessary to establish the standard of characteristic spectrum and fingerprint spectrum to evaluate its quality;
4. There are many varieties of formula particles, so it is necessary to design preparation technology for different kinds of granules;
5. The heat sensitive components are easy to be destroyed and volatile components are easy to be lost when heated for a long time. Therefore, the extraction and preparation technology of medicinal materials containing volatile oil are very important;
6. In order to reduce the dosage, it is necessary to use the appropriate granulation method and the least adjuvants to prepare stable granules.

Key technologies of the center's technology platform:
1. Collecting medicinal materials covering major producing areas or genuine medicinal materials producing areas, and achieving complete traceability;
2. Solving the key technical problems in the production of traditional Chinese medicine formula granules, using advanced production equipment, analytical equipment and core technologies, carrying out systematic and targeted research on extraction technology, concentrated drying technology, preparation molding technology, quality analysis technology of traditional Chinese medicine dispensing granules, mastering the production and evaluation techniques of different properties and varieties of traditional Chinese medicine dispensing granules, and effectively solving the key technical problems in the production of traditional Chinese medicine dispensing granules;
3. Establishing fingerprint/characteristic spectrum of each product, strengthening the specific identification of dispensing granules, so as to ensure the effectiveness and quality consistency between batches of dispensing granules to the greatest extent;
4. Establishing a quality assurance system covering the whole industrial chain from raw materials to production to use, and establishing standards, including standards for TCM materials, Chinese herb pieces, decoction, intermediate and finished products;
5. The whole research process is compared with the standard decoction. According to the nature of each product, screens the types and dosages of adjuvants on the basis of ensuring the quality of the granules, and selects the best pharmaceutical formulation, and sets a sound quality standard for the dispensing granules.

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