The New Chinese Medicine Research Center


The New Chinese Medicine Research Center of Increasepharm mainly conducts pharmacy research on new Chinese medicine and registration, and develops new Chinese medicine with reasonable composing prescriptions, advanced technology, high efficiency and safety, and showing the characteristics of TCM, and guarantees the registration of projects.

Pharmacy is an important part of the R&D of new Chinese medicine and the basis of drug safety and effectiveness. The research covers: prescription validation and indication selection, medicinal materials (including Chinese herb pieces), identification and pretreatment of extracts (including effective parts, active ingredients), dosage form selection, preparation process studies, pilot or scale-up studies, quality studies and establishment of quality standards, stability studies (including selection of packaging materials or containers for direct contact with pharmaceuticals). The New Chinese Medicine Research Center of Increasepharm mainly carries out pharmaceutical research and registration of new Chinese medicine projects (self-research / external projects), providing pharmaceutical research of new drug, research on changing dosage forms, specifications and processes of listed drugs, secondary development of marketed products, improvement of quality standards, registration for new Chinese medicine and other technical services.

Technical Features and Strengths:
1. Skilled R & D process and complete quality management system for new Chinese medicine, especially for Class 6 of new Traditional Chinese Medicine, and can provide all-round research services for TCM compound preparation.
 2. Applying modern extraction, separation and drying techniques (such as spray drying, belt drying, freeze-drying) in the research of preparation of new Chinese medicine. In addition, new adjutants, solid dispersion technology, β cyclotron inclusion and other technologies are also used.
3. Determined dosage forms according to drug properties, clinical needs, patients and dosage, etc., successfully developed new TCM drugs with different dosage forms, including granules, tablets, dropping pills, gels, injections, etc., and established multiple preparation technology platforms such as Chinese medicine effervescent tablets, solid dispersion, external preparation, etc.
4. The research team of new Chinese medicine consists of high-quality talents and top experts in the industry who have rich experience, and most of them have experienced a complete process of drug development.

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