Pharmacology &Toxicology Research Center


Beijing Increasepharm Safety and Efficacy Co., Ltd. is the pre-evaluation section of pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic safety of Increasepharm new drug R&D, which can provide research services such as new drug pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetic research and various safety pre-evaluation for self-research and external projects.

We have established a standardized pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic research platform that meets GLP requirements, and can perform preclinical drug screening evaluation and pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic research. We are able to carry out drug screening and evaluation, druggability research, mechanism research and registration of chemical and TCM, including enzymatic, cellular, animal-level overall pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic evaluation, and cooperate with CRO for toxicology research.

Aerosol inhalation research platform and new drug screening research platform are two special research platforms of pharmacology and toxicology research center.

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