Clinical Research Center


The company mainly conducts phase I, phase II, phase III and phase IV clinical trials of various new drugs, post marketing reevaluation, clinical trials of protection of types of traditional Chinese medicine, consistency evaluation, third-party inspection of clinical research projects, clinical research of medical devices, health food, and food for special medical purpose, technical consultation and services (including expert consultation conference and registration documents writing, etc.).

Our clinical projects involves a wide range of fields, including: liver disease, psychiatry, neurology, rheumatology, cardio-cerebrovascular, endocrine, gastroenterology, cancer, dermatology, anti-infection, urology, pulmonology, gynecology, pediatrics, mammary gland, hematology, ophthalmology, etc. At present, the projects under implementation involve phase I-IV clinical research, post market re-evaluation, pharmacoeconomics research, consistency evaluation, etc.

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