TCM Business


The TCM business section was established in 1999 and has a professional technical team of more than 200 people led by professors and Doctors. It has wealth of hands-on experience in the field of TCM research, advanced technology and improve the professional organization throughout all sectors of R&D to production. The institution has four research platforms, which are involved in Chinese classical formulas, TCM dispensing granule, TCM resource, and new drug of TCM. The two main businesses in this section are independent R&D of TCM and innovative medicines; they provide new TCM and TCM formulas for the industry. While providing the industry with new drug of TCM, dispensing granule, Chinese classical formulas, TCM atomized inhalation solutions, TCM resource research and secondary development of existing varieties for the market, as well as drug supplementary application and R&D services etc.

Increasepharm has established the most influential enterprise alliance of TCM dispensing granule and the R&D technology platform of TCM classical formulas. These achievements reflect the strength accumulated by Increasepharm since its establishment in the R&D of new TCM. These achievements have accumulated 12 new drug of TCM certificates, 24 clinical approvals and 24 production approvals. Excellent products such as Jinlian Qingre effervescent tablets, Ginkgo ketone ester dripping pills, Xindakang dripping pills, Shuanghuanglian effervescent tablets and Antiviral chewable tablets have emerged from the achievements accumulated over the years. These achievements include more than a dozen national projects and several provincial, ministerial and municipal projects, which including 5 achievements of State Projects for 13th Five-Year Major Essential Drug R&D simultaneously. Over the years, a total of 109 patent applications have been applied (78 domestic, 31 Hong Kong and Macao) and 70 patents have been granted.

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