Medical Science


The company's medical sector belongs to two subsidiaries and a total of 4 platforms:
Beijing Increasepharm safety and efficacy Co., Ltd is a pharmacology and pharmacokinetic research platform. It mainly conducts drug screening, pharmacodynamics research, and pharmacokinetic research. Atomized inhalation drug efficacy-pharmacokinetics (PK-PD) research technology is leading in China. Shuanghuanglian inhalation solution and Yinhuang inhalation solution have obtained ‘State Projects for 13th Five-Year Major Essential Drug R&D’.

Beijing Increase Biomedical Company Limited has three technology platforms, namely:
Biosafety technology research and development platform (under construction): Mainly carry out pathogenic microorganism-related pharmacology and drug screening research.

Drug safety evaluation research platform (under construction): As a domestic proprietary GLP platform for inhalation toxicology, it can carry out non-clinical safety evaluation of TCM and chemical aerosol inhalation preparations, and can also undertake non-clinical safety evaluations of conventional preparations.

Drug clinical research platform: conduct phase I-IV clinical trials of new drugs, post-market re-evaluation, clinical trials of protected Chinese medicines, the consistency evaluation of the quality and efficacy of generic drugs, third-party audits of clinical research projects, clinical research of medical devices, clinical research of health foods, and special medical purposes Formula food clinical research, technical consultation and service (including technical support such as top-level product design, medical academic promotion, expert consultation meeting, application document writing, etc.). The clinical project covers more than 12 kinds of diseases, such like rheumatism, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, endocrine, digestion, tumor, skin, urinary, respiratory, women and children, breast, blood, ophthalmology etc.

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