The company's industrial section was established in August 2017, mainly including innovative varieties for both TCM and chemical medicines, as well as sterile preparations. At the same time, the section provides a variety of innovative and intelligent industrial services, which consist of pilot scale-up, production process verification, clinical sample trial preparations, quality inspection, etc.

Among them, 100 million RMB worth of pilot-scale trial of the technology platform, which has 7,000 square meters and more than 40 employees. These resources have obtained a total of 11 domestic authorized invention patents. It plans to add an additional 400 million RMB to use 60 acres of industrial land with its own property rights to complete the construction of an innovative drug industrialization production base and it is expected to be put into use in 2023.

As a crucial part of the new drug R&D, the platform service process strictly follows the new drug R&D technical proposal, conforms to the registration and declaration specifications and meets the GMP standards.

In addition to conventional and standardized preparation production workshops and equipment, the platform also has advanced blow-fill-seal (BFS) aseptic filling equipment, which can produce aseptic preparations such as atomized inhalation solutions and eye drops. BFS is a process aseptic control equipment, which is characterized by effective isolation of pollution in the whole process through various means. This platform uses advanced technology with high productivity, low value-added products and cost advantages. After completion, the platform will be fully invested in the industrial production of innovative drugs, with 30 million nanogels and creams, 50 million bags of granules and 230 million ophthalmic preparations and aerosol inhalation solutions per year.

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