Chemical Drugs


The chemical drug R&D section was officially established in 2015. At present, the team of the chemical medicine sector is a professional technical team of more than 100 people led by professors and doctors. Most of this R&D personnel have postgraduate degrees or intermediate and senior titles, as well as relevant business R&D experience and practical experience in the technical field. The team provides R&D of innovative drugs, aerosol inhalation preparations, new drug delivery systems, generic drugs (the consistency evaluation of the quality and efficacy ) and APIs.

It has unique characteristics in the synthesis of APIs and intermediates, chiral drug research, drug crystal form research, slow and controlled release preparations, infusions, fat emulsions and nano-drug release technologies. Besides, it has accumulated abundant practical experience in improving drug effectiveness and safety, enhancing drug bioavailability and drug stability. At present, there are nearly 100 patents in application, involving domestic, PCT, Hong Kong and Macao; all applications for clinical approval have been passed and none of them are withdrawn.

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